The Waglan Island: The lights, the Elements and the Men


Dr POON Sun-wah

Brief Description of the Project

This project aims to study and record the origin, history, design, construction and maintenance of the Waglan Lighthouse compound; the work and functions of the weather station erected on Waglan; and the stories of the personnel stationing on the island. The research would also cover the equipment used and information collected by the weather station, communication methods used at different times, and sentiments of seafarers and fishermen towards the lights and residents of Shek O towards the fog horn.

Project Deliverable(s)

The Project deliverables included:

(a) Research Report;

The Waglan Island: The Lights, the Elements and the Skies
(Author: Dr POON Sun-wah、Dr K.Y. DENG、Ir K.F. MAN)

(b) Talks;

(c) Pamphlet; and

(d) Videos

The Waglan Island: The Skies, the Staff and the Seas (Chinese only)

The Waglan Island: The Lights, the Elements and the Men (The Island and the People)(English only)