Background and Objectives

The Lord Wilson Heritage Trust was established in December 1992, following the enactment of the Lord Wilson Heritage Trust Ordinance (Cap 425), to provide an opportunity for the community to join hands to promote the preservation and conservation of Hong Kong’s heritage.

The Trust aims to preserve and conserve the human heritage of Hong Kong by any or all of the following means:

  • the identification, restoration and refurbishment of relics, antiquities and monuments and of other historical, archaeological and palaeontological objects, sites or structures in Hong Kong;
  • the provision of facilities at antiquities and monuments and at historical and archaeological sites or structures in order to assist public access to and appreciation of such sites or structures;
  • the aural, visual and written recording of sites of historic interest, traditional ceremonies and other aspects of the human heritage of Hong Kong;
  • the publication of books, papers and periodicals, and the production of tapes, discs and other articles relating to the objects of the Trust;
  • the holding of exhibitions and conferences relating to the objects of the Trust;
  • educational activities which will increase public awareness of and interest in the human heritage of Hong Kong; and
  • any other activities which will promote the objects of the Trust.